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"As we prepare to face the severe downturn in our industry, we regard the JCost system as essential in managing our activities efficiently and putting us in prime position to respond to improved conditions, when they occur.  JCost accurately analyzes our requirements and responds with timely information allowing us to swiftly revise aspects of projects where new circumstances arise."  
Garrett O'Neill Dip Arch MUBC MRIAI
Professor Cathal O'Neill Associates, Architects


"JCost is an indispensable practice management tool for architects. While most software tools used by architects are simply more efficient digital versions of older methods, the profession does not generally deploy software which directly addresses the business model of the architectural practice. JCost is a major step in this direction in that it exploits the inherent potential of network systems to input, share and analyze project based information at organizational level"
Declan Cullen, BArch AIA
Cullen Architecture

"Because JCost is web-based, my staff can remotely input their timesheets, in real-time. This has enabled us to capture more billable hours and increase our bottom line!"

"We had no tool to let us know if a project was profitable until the project was completed.  JCost allows us to know where a project  is, in terms of profitability, at any point, with simply one click."

"Now our staff can enter time sheet data into a system  as it happens. - instead of days or weeks later."



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