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JCost is a web-based solution enabling you to work from virtually anywhere. Whether you are on a jobsite and need to pull up on a crucial contact for your project or you are on a sandy beach, you can always access JCost from your laptop or mobile application. 

Organizing your projects with JCost has never been easier. With our simple pull down menu you can easily find the information you are looking for at a click of a button. Do you want to know if it is a fee based project or time based? Who the partner in charge is or have they paid their invoices recently. Itís never been easier to get the critical information using JCost.

Timesheets have never been easier to manage and keep on top of with JCost. JCost takes the guessing out of timesheets. With our easy to use system, timesheets can be updated in real time and verified at the end of the week by the team lead or partner.

Planning has never been easier. Do you often over-schedule some of your employees and under-utilize others? At a click of the mouse you can now see who is overextended and who still has time to put in on extra projects.

JCostís directory is a comprehensive directory that organizes all of your contacts on a project basis, category or name. No more hunting around for post-it notes of critical contacts on your projects. All contacts are organized in one place for the entire team.

Our invoice system allows for the generation of time-based invoices from timesheet data.  Records may be processed or deferred, billed hours and rates may be changed but leaving the core underlying timesheet records intact.


Accurate reporting at a click of a button allows partners critical business information in seconds.  With over 20 standard reports you will never be left guessing how your projects are proceeding or if you are over or budget.

These are just a few of the many features JCost offers. For a more comprehensive demonstration please call or email



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